Book What You Really Are

What You Really Are

Over many years Mario Mantese  - Master M -  has held numerous gatherings and met thousands of people, imparting his experiences and the transformation which resulted from them. He has also responded to thousands of questions from his listeners, and his insightful answers have dispelled countless misunderstandings, doubts, and ambiguities. The passages contained in this book testify to the inconceivable depths of this cosmic master. They are a revelation of the ‘Great Silence’ which he embodies.

Master M elucidates themes such as:

  • the inner and outer world
  • pitfalls and practices of the ego
  • consciousness: the reflection of functionality
  • the past and future
  • the fragmentation of life
  • the limitations of knowledge
  • ‘this world’ and ‘the beyond’ in this world
  • the good order of things – all is well

ISBN Book: 978-3-7322-0193-8

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